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2019 Arizona Envirothon Competition

“Agriculture and the Environment: Knowledge and Technology to Feed the World”

When: March 29-30, 2019

2019 Event Schedule

Where: R-C Scout Ranch

19887 E. AZ HWY 260, Payson, AZ 85541-9215

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Agriculture feeds the world. Whether on a micro or macro scale, the food raised to feed Earth’s growing population (projected to reach 9 billion by mid-century)  is facing challenges unlike any from previous history. Climate change is forcing growers to confront issues such as increasing temperatures and – here in Arizona – diminishing water supplies. Plants that once readily grew within a specific climate zone are now less productive in that zone but may grow in a cooler climate or at higher elevations.

With such challenges facing them, today’s farmers are heading into the ‘unknown’ world of food production by addressing concerns such as:

  • What best practices will help maintain/improve soil health?
  • What plant varieties will thrive on diminished water supplies (and are these food crops that consumers will purchase)?
  • What actions help minimize crop damage from pests (both animal and plant) and from disease?
  • What new and emerging technologies might be employed to increase farm efficiency, while not imposing undue economic issues and not adversely impacting wildlife?

Farmers are resilient and accustomed to working with the vagaries of nature. They also are some of the best “futures thinkers”, with one eye on the past while also looking to the future. Feeding 9 billion people is a daunting challenge! The 2019 AZ Envirothon competition will find teams using futures thinking as they ponder this dilemma.

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