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Executive Committee

Rodney Held, Chair
Salt River Project

Linda Diamantides, Vice-Chair
Ecologic Solutions

Pamela Justice, Awards Committee Chair
University of Arizona, Cooperative Extension, Maricopa County

Dawn Reddick, Fundraising Committee Chair
Smithfield Foods

Jeff Humphrey, Public Relations Committee Co-Chair
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Jeannette Fish, Public Relations Committee Co-Chair
Maricopa County Farm Bureau (Retired)

Christine Brehm, Site Committee Chair
Desert Botanical Gardens

Karen Schedler, Testing & Education Committee Co-Chair
Natural Teacher, LLC

Ryan Guerena, Testing & Education Committee Co-Chair

Evelyn Erlandsen 1960-2017

Evelyn Erlandsen 1960-2017
Evelyn Erlandsen 1960-2017

Our friend, hardworking colleague, and effervescent lover of life and nature.

We remain inspired by Evelyn’s infectious spirit, her dedication to natural resources, and her drive to open young minds to appreciate and care deeply about the environment with which we are blessed.