Part of North America's Largest High School Environment Competition


Generalized Framework

  • Identify native Arizona trees through the use of a key.
  • Describe the ecological role of desert tree species (e.g., nitrogen fixation).
  • Cite factors affecting forest ecology: relationship betweens oil and forest types, tree communities,
    regeneration, competition, succession.
  • Explain the cause and effect relationship of factors affecting tree growth and forest development: climate, insects, microorganisms, wildlife, etc.
  • Note interrelationships between wildlife habitat and forest communities, forest species, forest age and structure, snags and den trees, availability of food, riparian zones.
  • Analyze how the following issues are affected by forest health and management: biological diversity, forest fragmentation, air quality, aesthetics, fire, and recreation.
  • Utilize basic forest management concepts and tools: the use of tree measuring devices and the best use of management practices.
  • Identify the complex factors that influence forest management decisions (e.g., economic, social, ecological).
  • Analyze the value of trees in urban/suburban settings and the factors affecting their health and survival.

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